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Cooked bird tickets now available

Conference team

25 May 2024

Standard tickets no longer available. Last minute tickets only

Only cooked-bird tickets are remaining for ASC2024.

Note that while we will still do our best to help everyone, we no longer guarantee catering or being able to meet dietary requirements for those who are registering from now. We also do not guarantee access to the gala dinner.

Significant discounts are available for ASC members, and will be applied on verification of an active financial membership. All rates include GST.



Student member


(no guarantee of catering)




You can request an invoice and register for the conference using the new form here.

Note that we did not receive adequate interest from the ASC community to support a proper hybrid conference in 2024 (with only one member requesting online access).

We will still do what we can to facilitate online access to any who wish, but cannot promise access to engage with all aspects of the program.

If you are hoping to engage with the conference still online, please get in touch and we will do what we can to support you.

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