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Keynote: Renae Sayers

18 June 2024 at 7:00:00 am

UWA Main theatre

K03 Keynote

30 min


When your career includes running away to join the Science Circus, getting the Prime Minister into the lab and helping launch things into space, you know scicomm is at the heart of the journey.

Renae has carved out a leadership position by solving strategic problems with science communication. She loves building new things, translating, connecting, and helping people see the world in a different light.

Today, passionately applying herself to amplifying and activating strategic projects and partnerships with Earth and Planetary Sciences, Renae is tackling new organisational frameworks and elevating opportunities for students, staff, and our wider community to experience the impact and importance of research to our everyday lives.

She remembers what it was like, not knowing a “scientist”, but consistently ogled the night sky in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, until 16-year-old Renae sent an email to NASA that kick-started her journey through a degree in Astrophysics and onward to a career in STEM engagement across the globe.

Now, some 22 years later working with NASA and space leaders globally, Renae’s leadership acumen has supported the development of the West Australian Space ecosystem through the establishment of the Space Science and Technology Centre and its Binar Space Program (Noongar for "fireball" or shooting star), and as part of the founding team for the Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE) consortium. In 2021, Renae helped spearhead the biggest university media event in the country, with the launch of Western Australia’s first spacecraft, Binar-1, and was recognised as a Finalist for the inaugural AMCHAM Alliance Award for Emerging Leadership in Space.

She is particularly proud about BinarX - the outreach program putting space exploration in the hands of high schoolers with student-designed and built payloads on-orbit the Binar spacecraft – going to the heart of “making space in service of others”.


Ms Renae Sayers

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