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Keynote: Dianne Sika-Paotonu

19 June 2024 at 3:00:00 am

UWA Main theatre

K05 Keynote

30 min


Dianne Sika-Paotonu is an Associate Professor (Immunology) and Associate Dean (Pacific) for the Division of Health Sciences at the University of Otago. She is a Fulbright Scholar, an experienced research scientist, educator, science communicator and commentator. Dianne regularly presents at scientific conferences, and over the years has received national and international awards relating to her research work and science communication efforts. Most recently, she was awarded the 2022 Prime Minister's Science Communication Prize. She holds numerous service and leadership responsibilities and contributes to local, national and international groups, committees and boards, functioning as chair and/or convenor for many of these


A/Prof Dianne Sika-Paotonu

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