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Roundtable on the Human Future

20 June 2024 at 4:20:00 am

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45 min


To address this, we are hosting a discussion of the human predicament in July 2024. Invited guests include the Climate Reality Project, Club of Rome, Extinction Rebellion, Future Earth, Greening Youth Foundation, Monash Sustainable Development Institute, and Stockholm Resilience Centre. The meeting aims to explore common ground on the nature of the problem, potential solutions and a way forward. We will send a summary of conclusions and findings to all governments, NGOs and the world media. 

We seek volunteers (as we are unfunded) to communicate the conclusions. 

We would welcome the involvement of ASC members in helping to promulgate the report after the meeting concludes. We welcome ideas for doing this. Early-career communicators may like to be involved to gain training and experience – and help save the world.

Governments, international corporations and global organisations have no rational plan to secure the human future on a habitable Earth, or any intent to create one.


Prof. Julian Cribb AM FRSA FTSE

Dr Simon Torok

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