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2-way science communication (film & Q&A)

18 June 2024 at 7:30:00 am

UWA Main theatre

P03 Panel

50 min


This is a two-part session. Part one is a sample of a 1-hour film Tjungu Nintirringanyi Ngurra Walytjangka / A Learning Journey for all - Two-way Science Kiwirrkurra’, a rare opportunity to follow a Two-Way science bush trip in the remote community Kiwirrkurra, 700kms west of Alice Springs. We will hear from school staff, students, Elders and community about how the program is delivered and the benefits of cross-cultural learning. Part two is a Q&A with David Broun, Rita Lusted and Kiwirrkurra community and staff. Kiwirrkurra Traditional Owners have given permission to show this film at the Conference.

The Ngaparrtji Ngaparrtji Two-way Science program supports schools to partner with local Aboriginal communities to develop culturally responsive programs that connect the science curriculum to Aboriginal knowledges. Two-way Science allows all students to learn science from the world’s oldest continuing cultures, taught by local Aboriginal people to students on Country and in the classroom.


David Bruon

Rita Lusted

Caitlin McLeod

Relevance to conference themes

This talk speaks closely to the topic of how connection supports growth. The most fundamental and first step of a two-way science program is a relationships between schools (or other education institutions) and local Aboriginal groups and individuals. A core pillar of the program is that traditional Owners shape the science topics each term, and the class teachers build lessons around this. David will speak to the importance of strong connections and how to begin these relationships.

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