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Transformation not translation

18 June 2024 at 5:35:00 am

T02 Talk

15 min


TRANSFORMATION NOT TRANSLATION: SCIENCE COMMUNICATION IN REVERSE Unlike traditional research translation, communicating end user driven research requires beginning with a user perspective to consider why, how and when scientific knowledge will be accessed. This presentation explores ‘science communication in reverse’, how building a communication pathway early in the journey can transform how we communicate scientific knowledge to stakeholders to lift value, accessibility and impact of new knowledge. The ability to look through an end user lens is critical for science communicators who want to have an impact in helping industry and government to make more informed decisions. The presentation draws on the work of The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute, a collaboration mechanism that brings end users and scientists together to identify large, complex biodiversity science issues, prioritise key research questions and facilitate relevant and timely research programs.


Preeti Castle

Relevance to conference themes

In order for government, industry and community to make more informed decisions, they need scientific knowledge in a way that is easy to access, understand and apply. Science communicators can help lift confidence and certainty in decision-making by considering end user perspectives when developing strategies, and help build a culture of evidence-based decisions.

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