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Why should scicomms care about science policy?

18 June 2024 at 5:50:00 am

T03 Talk

15 min


Influencing policymakers requires the same skills as quality science communication: crafting your key message to be relevant to your target audience, placing information in context, while being clear and concise. Science communicators have an important role to play in the development of science policy as mediators of complex information, but we first need to be recognised as the professionals and researchers with these unique scicomm skillsets. By contributing to policy submissions and building networks with policymakers and scientists, science communicators can not only help improve the outcomes of science policy but continue to advocate for the important role we will play in the future of informed decision-making in public science discourse. This presentation will discuss reflections on Science Meets Parliament 2024 and proposed directions for the ASC future involvement in science policy. Find out how we can advocate for and elevate scicomm through leveraging government processes!


Mrs Shanii Phillips

Relevance to conference themes

This presentation is about how we can dismantle barriers, bridge knowledge gaps and foster evidence-driven decision making for policies that will affect people in Australia and beyond by ensuring that science communicators are a key player at the policy-making table.

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