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So you want to podcast: Let's Talk Scicomm

18 June 2024 at 5:35:00 am

T07 Talk

15 min


In a world full of podcasts, you’d want to have something useful to say if you were going to create your own! Two and a half years ago, we launched our podcast Let’s Talk SciComm and ten seasons in, we’re confident that together with our incredible guests, we have a lot of useful things to say. Our episodes cover science communication careers, experiences, advice and strategies, as well as tips from our science communication students. Not only will we unpack the process of starting a podcast during a pandemic, but we will share what we’ve learned about how to prepare for interviews, get the best from our guests and build an audience. We’ll also highlight some of the most valuable science communication advice we’ve received from our 50+ guests.


A/Prof Jen Martin

Relevance to conference themes

1: Our podcast is all about supporting people in STEM to be more effective communicators.
2: Our podcast fosters new connections because our listeners hear from a variety of scientists and science communicators they may not come across otherwise.
3: Our podcast encourages people to grow in both confidence and skills when it comes to inclusive and accessible communication.

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