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Process and tacit dimensions of science animation

18 June 2024 at 6:15:00 am

T10 Talk

15 min


3D biomedical animations help audiences understand and contextualise scientific information that can be challenging to communicate due to resolution and complexity. Biomedical animators bring together multiple sources of authentic scientific data, to translate abstract information into a visual form through storytelling and visualisation. The field of biomedical animation has emerged from a long history of science visualisation and science-art endeavours, and despite there being rich discourse in the fields of data visualisation and science communication, the academic literature in the field of biomedical animation is limited, and focussed on the technical methods for visualisation, or the role these animations play in scientific research, rather than the processes through which they are created. This practice-based research project aimed to expose and characterise factors that influence the process of creating, and the tacit dimensions that influence orchestrated design choices.


Dr Kate Patterson

Relevance to conference themes


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