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The science is clear. Why haven't things changed?

19 June 2024 at 3:35:00 am

T16 Talk

15 min


The result of a five-year research project can be 27 disparate papers by 84 authors from 9 different disciplines in 13 journals published up to 2 years after the project ends. Can that be seen as success if overarching gains in scientific understanding aren't translated into practical steps that make a systemic difference? Ceridwyn brings nearly ten years of experience in helping scientists affect government decisions to this talk. She will cover how to best synthesize scientific findings into short policy briefings, along with useful tips on incorporating practical steps through advice from those on the ground, and working with friendly public servants to suggest helpful policy levers.


Ms Ceridwyn Roberts

Relevance to conference themes

Leveraging science to effect positive social good requires an understanding of how science can create practical change through policy.

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