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Helping West Aussies avoid and sort their waste

20 June 2024 at 5:55:00 am

T31 Talk

15 min


Modern living and a ‘wasteful’ society means waste volume continues to grow and options for its disposal remain a challenge. The waste hierarchy places landfill as the least favourable place for waste. It’s vital that we change our behaviour and move to a place where waste is first avoided, then reused, repaired or refurbished, before being recycled. Ideally, we want to move to a ‘circular economy’ where products and materials are kept circulating in the economy for longer, and at their highest value.

To build a campaign to change the waste behaviours of the Western Australian community, we applied behavioural insights to focus on the solution, not the problem and aim to normalise and simplify waste sorting behaviour.

The GREAT Sorts campaign focuses on five areas of behaviour change identified by the acronym ‘G.R.E.A.T.’: Gifting items for reuse, Recycling the five, Earth-cycling food and garden waste, Avoiding single use items and Taking hazardous item to drop-off points.


Ms Teresa Belcher

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