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Carbon under Pressure: Climate, Culture and Comms

20 June 2024 at 4:05:00 am

T32 Talk

15 min


Science communication is under pressure to foster difficult conversations about the impacts of atmospheric carbon pollution. These conversations are complicated by the benefits we have gained from carbon combustion and the use of carbon nanomaterials to enable green technology. In this case study, the conversation resulting from an immersive virtual reality visualisation of green technology at the atomic materials called Carbon Nanoverse will be discussed. The portable nature of this experience enabled non-traditional groups to engage with the green energy transition including incarcerated people within WA prisons and the public in the exhibition Carbon Under Pressure in the Science Gallery Bengaluru. We will highlight the conversations the exhibit facilitated including who has access to green knowledge, how race/culture impact climate communications and how can art/science interactions facilitate difficult conversations?


Dr Jacob Martin

Relevance to conference themes

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