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Maximising the Impact of Inspiration

20 June 2024 at 5:40:00 am

T38 Talk

10 min


Scitech’s STEM club is an after-school program providing participants with a safe environment to undertake self-lead creative STEM projects. In this session, I will detail the impact of non-teacher role-models on participants, especially those who do not excel in classroom settings, and explore the project-based, student-centred pedagogy of the STEM Club program, with respect to how it helps create a safe environment for tinkering and learning valuable 21st century skills. I will also explore strategies for proactively being a good STEM role-model, and how to better inspire groups under-represented in STEM.


Mr Evan Thyer

Relevance to conference themes

Maximising the impact of STEM Role-models can break barriers for under-represented groups in STEM. The strategic construction of relationships between science presenters and students over Scitech STEM club programs helps gives participants positive experiences with STEM and the scientific process.

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