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Questacon Presents: Cyber Team Red

20 June 2024 at 5:40:00 am

T41 Talk

15 min


Australia is facing down a critical shortage of cyber professionals. Questacon's Cyber Program aims to address this by building foundational cyber skills in school-aged audiences. Cyber Team Red is a cooperative tabletop roleplaying game (TTRP) that puts players in the shoes of cyber pentesters – people who get access to secure areas and networks. The game is immerses 2-4 players and a game master in a content-rich world purpose built to showcase cyber careers and ways of thinking to an early teen audience. This talk delves into the design principles that support the dual audience of players and GMs without compromising on learning outcomes. Questacon is Australia's National Science and Technology Centre, with a 35 year history of developing engaging hands-on programs and exhibitions for all Australians. This might be the first time the program has been entirely imaginary (in form, but not results).


Mr Jordan Campbell

Relevance to conference themes

This talk presents a novel medium for communicating science and technology: the tabletop roleplaying game. This medium is infinitely flexible and is undergoing massive market growth currently, presenting a new frontier for sci com opportunities.

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