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Designing and Implementing a College Blackboard

20 June 2024 at 8:05:00 am

T43 Talk

10 min


This study explores distance learning, highlighting platforms like Blackboard for surpassing traditional education's limits. Online learning's benefits include flexibility, cost savings, and easy access to resources. Blackboard enhances teacher-student connections, offering constant access to materials, thereby improving educational outcomes. It removes geographical barriers, boosts communication, and aids content review. The project used Dart, Flutter, Node.js, and MongoDB for development, focusing on creating user-friendly, secure applications for administration and student use. These applications enable efficient department management, content delivery, and student engagement. Recommendations for future enhancements include hosting on real servers, app publication, and expanded university coverage to enrich the learning experience.


Mr Ali Al-gumaei

Relevance to conference themes

Keywords: Distance Learning, Blackboard, Online Education, EdTech, Flexible Learning, Student Engagement.

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