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Sharing tips for using AI tools in science comms

20 June 2024 at 6:15:00 am

W10 Workshop

55 min


Which AI tools should we be leveraging? Have an AI for science comms success story? How are you integrating AI into your science comms strategy? What is your biggest challenge using AI tools? Want to discuss how science communication professionals can apply AI in their everyday work? Then join this open forum to discuss and answer these questions in a learning focused, collaborative environment. We will focus on knowledge sharing, with the session designed for communicators looking to upskill, contribute to the discussion, and/or showcase how they are implementing AI tools. Several ‘lightning’ talks will feature science communicators who are actively using AI tools as they share tips, tricks, and challenges from their personal experience. We will then open up the session to discuss potential applications of AI, explore common risks and considerations, and share examples and ideas for how to integrate and experiment with AI tools in everyday communications approaches.


Ms Aditi Subramanya

Dr Patrick Capon

Relevance to conference themes

We aim to share tips from science communicators already engaged with AI tools, and encourage integration of AI tools in science communication practices. This aligns with the conference theme of supporting and growing the professional science communicator network through bridging knowledge gaps, elevating professional practice, and developing new collaborations through the open invitation to the AI & Comms interest group.

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