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Dr Ariel Marcy


CSIRO - Double Helix

As a science writer for CSIRO’s Double Helix magazine, I regularly write news articles, hands on activities, maths brainteasers and more to engage our young readers in a diverse swath of STEM topics. I also manage our fortnightly email newsletter, conduct an annual diversity audit on our magazine, and lead university students in creating STEM content for CSIRO’s social media. In other words, I’m delighted to explore lots of ways to communicate a love for science. As a side note, I’m American who came to Australia on a Fulbright, proceeded to stay for a PhD in evolutionary biology at the University of Queensland and then never left!

I am also the Founder of STEAM Galaxy Studios, which creates award-winning board games about STEM topics. Our most recent title, “Go Extinct! Megafauna” teaches players how to read evolutionary trees, to recognise Australian megafauna, as well as learn some of the Indigenous names for the animals. It was created in collaboration with CABAH and Flinders University.

CSIRO - Double Helix

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Dr Ariel Marcy
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