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Dr Catriona Nguyen-Robertson


The University of Melbourne

Dr Catriona Nguyen-Robertson (she/her) is a singing scientist: she sings in the laboratory and contemplates science in the shower.

She teaches Science Communication at the University of Melbourne and is the Science Engagement Officer at the Royal Society of Victoria. You can often catch her singing and dancing around Museums Victoria as a Learning Facilitator at Scienceworks social media content producer. She regularly shares science via social media radio (Radio Sci-Lens, JOY Breakfast, and Lost In Science) and written articles (Science Victoria). She is passionate about science outreach, and is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in science/STEM.

The University of Melbourne

X: @catrionanr
Instagram: @nyuroscientist
LinkedIn: @CatrionaNguyen-Robertson
TikTok: @drnyuroscientist

X: @unimelbscicomm
Instagram: @unimelbscicomm/@scienceworks_melb


Dr Catriona Nguyen-Robertson
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