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Mr Tim Young


International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

My name is Tim and I am one of the Education and Outreach coordinators. I look after the SPIRIT program of robotic telescopes and the educational programs that utilise them. Before that I was a radio astronomer who specialised in single-dish observations of pulsars.

Much like my career, my studies have taken me across multiple fields of study and in directions I didn’t expect. I eventually completed my degree in astrophysics at Curtin in 2010 after first enrolling in nanotechnology and then moving into condensed matter physics. I have worked at telescope facilities across Australia, from Ceduna in South Australia, to Mt Pleasant in Tasmania and many more between.

In my professional career I have designed and built science exhibitions at Scitech that have gone on to travel the world, given talks and tours of the universe in planetariums, and even worked as a data scientist assisting with research into climate change and biodiversity.

International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

X: @DungeonMaster
Instagram: @guerrillaastronomer


Mr Tim Young
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