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Mrs Karina Nunez


The Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre

Karina Nunez is a passionate visual communicator with a deep understanding of science and technology, particularly supercomputing. She has been instrumental in expanding the Pawsey Brand and demystifying the critical role of supercomputing in scientific research. In her role as the Pawsey communication manager, she has built connections with international partners, fostered strong relationships with users, and championed supercomputing with the support of researchers and universities. Karina is an advocate for science and the significance of communicating its impact.

The Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre

LinkedIn: @Karina Nunez
Instagram: @Karnunez

X: @PawseyCentre
LinkedIn: @Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre
Facebook: @Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre


Mrs Karina Nunez
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