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Ms Rachel Rayner



Rachel Rayner is a science communicator, writer and performer who has contributed to projects throughout Australia, Vietnam, the USA and South Africa.

She brings more than a decade’s worth of experience in communication and public engagement to the promotion of CSIRO’s Australia Telescope National Facility. This includes carrying out international media campaigns, stakeholder management, plus brand and risk management for one of Australia’s most trusted brands.

Rachel has had roles in strategic marketing, events, PR, communications and education across government organisations, charities and corporate enterprise. She’s worked at Questacon, the Bendigo Discovery Centre, Planet Ark, the Ocean Exploration Trust (who operate the E/V Nautilus), and took on an Australian Volunteers Program assignment with the South African Department of Science and Technology.

Outside of CSIRO, she performs science comedies at festivals around the country and has co-authored a paper on science poetry.


X: @raynerexplainer
Instagram: @raynerexplainer
Facebook: @raynerexplainer
LinkedIn: Rachel Rayner



Ms Rachel Rayner
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