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Through a Science Lens: photographing science

18 June 2024 at 5:20:00 am

UWA Main theatre

T06 Talk

15 min


This presentation will discusses visual science communication, focusing on the photography of scientists and science in action. For my Masters of Design, I am developing a practical science photography guide for scientists and science communicators to help visually communicate science. This will not only be a technical guide, but will delve into subjects like the role of photography in the public perception of science, and the application of visual semiotics to better understand what the symbols and objects/features in an image mean in terms of its communication. I will discuss how well executed images of scientists and science can be used to shape public perception, and address issues such as stereotyping and the deterioration of public trust in science and scientists. An awareness of what and how an image communicates can be invaluable in suggesting new and different narratives.


Mr Gerry le Roux

Relevance to conference themes

Photography, and more specifically people photography, has great potential as a vehicle to facilitate human connection. Visual imagery can also help introduce and illustrate ideas and concepts and potentially help address challenges posed by disinformation, deterioration of trust, and stereotyping. As such I believe it aligns well with the conference theme.

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