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Dr Parwinder Kaur

Dr Parwinder Kaur is a proud Indian-Australian award-winning scientist, a passionate leader and positive role model as a mother, and a professor in science for the next generation of diverse scientists to pursue their passion for science and discovery. She leads cross-disciplinary biotechnology research investigating Earth’s biodiversity and natural environments to ensure sustainable futures. She uses her expertise to reach people in new ways, connecting them with their surroundings. Through her diverse research teams, such as DNA Zoo Australia, she harnesses STEM to achieve maximised impact. In doing so, she believes this will help us tackle the bigger issues we as society are facing, bringing about solutions through fresh thinking rather than following usual norms. 


Dr Parwinder Kaur was inducted into the WA Women Hall of Fame (STEM) 2023. Her noteworthy achievements include receiving the prestigious "Science and Innovation Award" from the Australian Academy of Sciences in 2013, winning Microsoft's AI for Earth award in 2019, being recognised as a finalist for WA Innovator of the Year in 2022, and earning the esteemed Australian Sikh Woman of the Year for Excellence in 2023. Notably, Dr. Kaur is an adept science communicator, an entrepreneur in the biotechnology sector, and an ardent advocate for gender equity.


Dr Parwinder Kaur
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