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How to move from science to scicomm: 2 journeys

18 June 2024 at 5:20:00 am

T11 Talk

15 min


Science communicators may have backgrounds in media, marketing, teaching, science, or other domains. In this presentation, we will reflect on 2 journeys (one recent, one ancient) from a PhD in science research to a career in science communication. We see our journey as one towards science communication, but not one away from science. Understanding the culture and methods of science is important when working with scientists to help increase their impact. What do we miss about research? What do we gain from science communication? Can you do both? Come along to hear tips about moving from science to scicomm, and join the discussion with your own experiences.


Dr Simon Torok

Relevance to conference themes

Our talk reflects the support (supporting early-career colleagues in considering their future), connect (using science background/understanding to connect scicomm professionals with scientists) and grow (growing our profession by clarifying the path to scicomm) themes of the conference.

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