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Beyond the Milky Way VR

18 June 2024 at 6:35:00 am

UWA Room 4

VR04 Other

25 min


Experience one of the greatest international scientific endeavours in history as you step onto Australia’s future site of the incredible SKA telescope in an immersive 25-minute, 360° virtual reality cinema experience.

Travel to the radio-quiet Western Australian outback to explore where the world's largest radio telescope will be capturing the corners of the Universe and breaking new ground in astronomical research.

Narrated by physicist Professor Brian Cox (Universe, Horizon, Brian Cox’s Adventures in Space and Time), join the quest for answers as the telescope enables us to see further into space-time than ever before and presents our greatest chance of discovering extra-terrestrial life.

Guided by scientists, experts, and ancient astronomers, see the sky in unprecedented 360°, witness our world from a new perspective and be transported to the edge of what's possible.


Michelle Wheeler

Benn Ellard

Mr Pete Wheeler

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