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Dr Patrick Capon


Australian BioCommons

Patrick is Science Communication Officer at Australian BioCommons, where he is responsible for all outgoing comms materials including newsletters, web presence, and social media. He is a passionate science communicator with a focus on keeping content clear and simple, enabling non-specialists to engage in the topic. With a background in chemistry research (PhD, University of Adelaide, 2021) and communications for pharmaceutical industry clients, Patrick has broad experience in delivering both in-person and online communication pieces to audiences ranging from niche specialists to the wider public. Patrick's favourite challenge in science comms is distilling a complex research outcome into digestible chunks and explaining it to a fresh audience.

Australian BioCommons

X: @PatCapon
LinkedIn: @PatrickCapon
Instagram: @patrick.capon

X: @AusBiocommons
LinkedIn: @AustralianBioCommons


Dr Patrick Capon
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